Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cameron Hits The Beach!

We finally took Cameron to the beach a few weeks ago! We have a family tradition of gathering at my Dad's place for the ACC Basketball tournament each year to pull for the Tarheels. It is a very good thing that the whole family is a Tarheel fan. I cannot even begin to IMAGINE the drama if we had a State fan in the immediate family...much less a Dookie. I mean REALLY. A family has STANDARDS. (this is beginning to sound like an old fashioned Southern genteel drama...) Anyway, the weather at the beach, unfortunately, was a little gloomy and very windy. Babies are funny in the wind. Cameron's eyes get wide and he gulps over and over like a fish out of water. I imagine he is filling his lungs with all that fresh this case, wonderful salty, sea air. I wonder what he thought when he first smelled the sea air? Maybe..."Ummmm....Fresh Clams!" or "Ummmm....Fresh Shrimp!" Ok, well, that's what I thought, but I just know he was thinking something! Imagine, for a minute, being a baby. Every single experience is brand new. What an exciting world for a baby! You get in the car in Raleigh and drive for 3.5 hours and when you get out boom! The air smells different. Why, you wonder? We bundled Cameron up and took him down on the sand. He seemed to be excited...or maybe Darby

and I were just excited enough for all of us. We sat him down on a blankie and the first thing he did was reach out, grab a handful of sand and let a squeal of delight.

HE LOVED IT!!!!! YAY!!!!! I was SO happy! The beach is such a special place for me and Darby and for my family, and I SO want Cameron to grow up there as much as possible. (Aren't I a great mother? My goal in life is to raise a beach bum....)

Actually, I just want Cameron to be happy...whatever that means. If it happens to include sitting on the beach with Mommy and Daddy

watching the waves roll in or looking for shells, or watching the porpoise jump in the tide or walking up to the pier for a hot dog or catching fiddler crabs or making frog houses or building a sand castle and then watching it get knocked down...well, then that will be wonderful.But above all else, may he be happy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baubles, Bracelets and Babies!

Keeping up with a blog is rewarding..........
but difficult with a baby.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to do more than one entry per week, mainly due to the fact that Cameron likes to be held...constantly. I am totally OK with this, don't get me wrong, but that is why the blog is suffering a tad. This week, I am wrapping 3 entries into one...aren't I efficient? I recently added a beautiful pin and earring set by the company "Sandor" to my booth at "Antiques Emporium". Oh yes. I suppose I should also mention that the Lady and the Librarian has relocated their merchandise to Antiques Emporium at Cameron Village in Raleigh. We are so very excited about our move and hope you will come visit us! But I digress....."Sandor" was founded in 1938 by Sandor Goldberger and went out of business in 1972. Their jewelry is considered highly collectible,

with simple enamel and rhinestone earrings fetching over $50.oo and enameled flower pins going for well over $100.00!!! That is QUITE an accomplishment for an enameled flower pin, let me tell you! I daresay this set would be a fabulous addition to anyone's wardrobe or collection. Please let me know if you would like to add it to yours! I try to select jewelry that is elegant yet a tad funky...but always classy enough to remain in style through the decades. To me, jewelry isn't worth purchasing if it will not retain its value and appeal. Up next is a wonderful bracelet I also just added to the Emporium. It features several lovely handpainted scenes on bone. I see these bracelets from time to time, and it is hard to find the paintings in good condition. I am pleased to report this one is in excellent shape! Likely 1940's. I just love handpainted pieces; each one is different and they make fascintating collections! I tend to gawk and goggle at handpainted jewelry so my inventory reflects that; probably because my painting efforts never progressed past "Paint by Numbers". Yesterday we had one of the most gorgeous days Raleigh has had in quite some time. I took Cameron outside and took tons of photos. I wanted to share just a few of my favorites...and to show off, of course! Cameron is such a fun baby; and a GOOD baby. I feel so blessed. Every time he grins my heart just melts. He had the best time sitting on his blankie outdoors. He tried to eat some leaves (I had to take them away but did get a quick photo)

he got a great photo with his favorite friend Kearney Boo

he stared contemplatively at the sky (these are my favorites)

and he made a very silly face for the camera!

And guess what!

He is sitting up!