Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer 2009

Following my previous post about it being a long, hot summer, I thought I'd share a little of what the Orcutt Family has been up to over the summer. Cameron has cut 6 teeth since Easter! 3 are on the top and 3 are on the bottom. We made it through the teething (change in sleeping and some fussiness), and now our little man is chewing! It is so weird to hear something make a crunching sound when he bites! *sigh*
My niece was born in May and I am proud to welcome Virginia "Reese" to the family. Isn't she beautiful?
We made several trips to the beach and I am a proud mama of my ocean-loving baby! (doesn't he look cute in his designer swim duds courtesy of his Aunt Vee? And please note his responsible Mama put a hat on his head!)
He isn't scared of the waves at all! He contemplated them at first
and then delighted in walking around in the shallow part with either me or Darby holding his hands. We also bought him his own baby yacht (haha)
and he really thought that was something special. It is made so he floats in the seat but is supported enough to allow for plenty of splash room.
What fun! I will say the sand must have looked like a tempting treat - Cameron tried to eat it on many different occasions. But - I think we managed to leave most of the sand safely on the shore. I love this set of photos - the sun was sparkling on the water and the wind was blowing.
I am petty proud of my photographic efforts in these two shots: please note the sparkles, hair blowing in wind, Cameron contemplating his hand....perhaps I should turn pro?
Cameron has decided to tackle the staircase. He is pretty proud of himself! He was a little hesitant on the first try; he would go up one stair and then back down, but now he just goes. Darby or I are right behind him, of course. Another big thing for Cameron these days is BOOKS. And how fitting is that for the son of a librarian? Cameron will just sit and look at his books and bring them to you to read or look at with him.
What is interesting is that he has been turning pages since he was very young; maybe 3 months? As for me, personally, my weight loss journey continues. I am down 81 pounds since delivering Cameron. Unfortunately, I have hit a plateau. Rather frustrating considering I am walking 4.5 miles a day in the sweltering heat. Grrr....but....I will just alter something. I know I need to not drink that afternoon soda and that would probably kick it back in. But honestly by 3:00 I am dead on my feet. Someone needs to invent a calorie free, artificial sweetener free caffeinated something. Other than that, I am busy planning Cameron's 1st Birthday Party. Cannot believe it is almost time for that. Has it really been almost a year?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Still Here....

Hmmm....well, I suppose I could blame my lack of posting on a lot of things, but suffice it to say it has been a long, hot summer. I have the greatest of intentions, but you know that they say about good intentions....;) The good news, is that my schedule should lighten up a bit in the next week or so, and hopefully I can get back on track. Till then....