Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet My Hobo.....

Ladies, have I got a guy for you. He's cute. He doesn't talk much. Well, at all. So I guarantee him to be a great listener. He moves around quite a bit so he is always up for a new adventure. He is sought after by women all over the world. He comes prepared with an umbrella for a rainy day. He's a simple sort...he can probably fit most of his belongings in a simple knapsack...but this day...getting back to basics is a good thing. Who needs a complicated man? His name? Hobo. And guess what? He was designed in the 1960's by "HAR"; until recently, a very mysterious company best known for their mystical genie and fantastical dragon parures that retail, even in this economy, for thousands of dollars. I recently saw mention that the "HAR" company was registered in the fifties as "HARGO". Hmmm....while that isn't a big mystery solver, it is one more piece of information. Our highly desirable friend Hobo apparently has some friends of various descript. "HAR" apparently put out a line of Hobo brooches. I was able to find 2 other designs while researching this one and they are pretty cute. Who knows how many other designs were made? Wouldn't it be neat to start a collection? You could collect Hobo's and really have some conversation starters. "Oh hello, so and so. Would you like to see my Hobo collection?" This particular Hobo brooch can be purchased by emailing me, online at my Ruby Lane store or locally at Antiques Emporium at Cameron Village in Raleigh. Hope everyone is having a good week! Happy jewelling!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Flower Show

As a child, I delighted in every flower that bloomed. I would run all over our yard on a daily basis in the Spring and report each new bloom to my mother. I still love flowers...all varieties. This past weekend, we took a trip through the mountains and the beautiful scenery inspired me to photograph flowers. I even found my first caterpillar! I used to love these fuzzy little guys!

Forgive the short post...but please enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fabulous Beads!

I got on somewhat of a "roll" several years ago...haha...get it? Beads are round? They roll? Never wasn't that funny....anyway....I bought LOTS of beaded necklaces. Single strands, double strands, triple strands, etc...I recently went thru my horde and decided I just didn't need that many strands of beads. A woman must be able to MOVE after all! Women have, for eons, adorned themselves with beads, so it should come as no surprise that beads are still worn today. I tend to be drawn to funkier styles, and for some reason cannot stay away from glass. I also love finding matching sets. I have included several pictures of some beads I recently added to our booth at Emporium or Ruby Lane. The pink and green necklace is utterly amazing...3 strands of plastic beads with a ginormous green glass clasp. The white beads are made by "Laguna" and have matching earrings, while the navy moonglows found their matching earrings later in life. I hope you all find some beads to adorn your outfits with!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Darby and I moved our booth to Antiques Emporium at Cameron Village back in February and we are very pleased with our sales thus far. After running lots of numbers and having lots of conversations we realized that, at our old location, I was doing the equivalent of what we call "schlepping loans" in the banking world. It is NOT a desirable position to be in. As a banker, you do not want to "schlepp loans". It means "churning". And churning can be good in many situations, but this type of churning is bad. It is the churning of undesirables. And while some dealers like to "churn", I was completely worn out. I was drained. Not just physically drained, but emotionally. Something that used to bring me joy had become a drain on my life. Churning and I just don't mix. Several dealer friends made sure I was aware that sales were much slower at our new location. I admit, I was a little scared about that. I was used to quick turnover and the thrill of the sale. But a tiny voice kept urging me forward. After a rather devastating theft to the tune of $4000.00 at our old location (ummm...yeah...someone just walked in, picked up a case, broke into it, casually selected their pick of fine gold and gemstone jewels, filled their grubby pockets up and walked on out) I listened to that tiny voice and signed a contract. Three months later, I am finding pleasure in arranging my jewelry displays again. Why? Because I am able to take time and select high quality merchandise that I find appealing rather than grab what I can find at cheap, cheap prices whether I like it or not. And you know what? The funniest thing has occurred. My sales, dollar-wise are greater...and I am selling FAR fewer items. For example. On any given month at my old location, I sold, on average, 50-60 items per month. This past month at Emporium I sold less than 20 items. Whoa, there doggie...slow down! But, JOY OH JOY! I can breathe again! I can enjoy what I do! This slower pace produces the same results with nowhere near the amount of stress! YES! Finally! A match! Dare I hope! Dare I dream! Could it be? That tiny voice is quivering with excitement, totally repressed...rather like a cocooned butterfly. My little wings are just all aflutter this evening as I type. Plus, the clients I have met seem very interested in developing a relationship with a knowledgeable dealer. I was in the other day and met the cutest lady who collected "Miriam Haskell." I about fell out. She was only too happy to take 2 lovely pieces off my hands...including the hand painted bone bracelet I pictured 2 posts previously! I also met a lady a few weeks ago who was looking for just the right touch for her evening gown for a benefit that evening. I had a fabulous 1950's "Regency" converted fur clip. She was thrilled to pieces, and I guarantee no one else had one on. These are the interactions I have been craving. I am pleased thus far, and really hope things continue to go well. The slower pace also works well with a baby. Excuse the rambling...this is supposed to be a journal after all...every now and then I may just have to do a "real" journal entry. :)