Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fabulous Beads!

I got on somewhat of a "roll" several years ago...haha...get it? Beads are round? They roll? Never wasn't that funny....anyway....I bought LOTS of beaded necklaces. Single strands, double strands, triple strands, etc...I recently went thru my horde and decided I just didn't need that many strands of beads. A woman must be able to MOVE after all! Women have, for eons, adorned themselves with beads, so it should come as no surprise that beads are still worn today. I tend to be drawn to funkier styles, and for some reason cannot stay away from glass. I also love finding matching sets. I have included several pictures of some beads I recently added to our booth at Emporium or Ruby Lane. The pink and green necklace is utterly amazing...3 strands of plastic beads with a ginormous green glass clasp. The white beads are made by "Laguna" and have matching earrings, while the navy moonglows found their matching earrings later in life. I hope you all find some beads to adorn your outfits with!


Retropolis said...

The pink and green ones... I am mesmerized by those! They are perfect timing for Easter - they have such a beautiful sparkling springtime look.

I love beads! Even when I lived in New Orleans I was crazy about cheap Mardi Gras beads. For someone who loves beads to see beads flying all over the place and being thrown at you... that was spectacular to me, no matter what kind of beads they were. :-)

Beautiful beads are the best though. Best wishes parting with some of yours; that sounds tough. You might find yourself yanking the beads back when someone tries to purchase them, and the beads will break and scatter everywhere like in old movies. :-)


PS If you click on Retropolis below my name you will go to my site. If you go to the blog entry titled "Funny Little Bunnies" a little bit down the page you will see that I mentioned Cameron in that blog entry. :-)

The only part of the site that is finished so far since Martin has redone the layout is the blog. The rest of the site isn't up yet, so just ignore it for now. :-)

Happy Easter to you and your family! Hope it's beadiful! ;)

Jenny S said...

I have two different blue moonglow sets! One a turquoie"ish" set and another almost the same blue as your picture!! I love them! They are just so pretty!!