Friday, September 10, 2010

Blooming Brooch Bouquets

"Midnight in the Garden"

Raleigh's "Blooming Brooch Bouquets" Provides Vintage Jewelry Heirlooms

The newest trend in bouquets has brides going flowerless - and providing priceless heirlooms that will be passed along in their families for generations. Vintage jewlery dealers Laura Edwards Orcutt and Julie Anna Proctor of Blooming Brooch Bouquets in Raleigh, NC, saw the opportunity to combine their expertise in design with their passion for vintage costume jewelry and are crafting beautiful and lasting momentos from antique and vintage costume brooches.
"You Are My Sunshine"
The pair are already drawing attention from as far away as New York City, and are accepting commissions to create unique, custom-designed arrangements that may include jewelry from a mother, grandmother, or favorite aunt. "Green" advocates have further noted that these bouquets of recycled vintage jewlery are a sensible alternative to flowers that fade and die. "I love designing these brooch bouquets because each one is unique and a work or art, tailored to the individual bride, her colors, and her style," said Orcutt.
"One day I can imagine each customer having the pleasure of sharing her bouquet, and knowing that her daughter and granddaughter can carry it again in their own weddings," said Proctor.
"Forget Me Not"

Blooming Brooch Bouquets may be viewed locally at The Antiques Emporium in Cameron Village, or online at either (search "bouquet") or
For more information about Blooming Brooch Bouquets, photo permissions, or to schedule an interview with the designers, please contact Laura or Julie via the above listed websites.

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