Wednesday, September 24, 2008

12 More Hours!

So, I am scheduled for a C-Section at 8:30 in the morning. I am sitting here, probably in some degree of shock realizing that 40.5 weeks of pregnancy has come down to 8.5 more hours until Cameron greets the world. I spent the past several days at home reading, playing Play Station and pondering. I talked to all my girlfriends who have had C-Sections, and a couple who didn't. Part of me is saying, WOW, a baby tomorrow! Life is going to be so different! I am scared! And the other part is excited to finally meet this baby boy who has been kicking me steadily for the past few months; making his presence known the best way he could. So, no pictures for this post...but there should be some up in the next few days of Cameron. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Soon to Arrive.....!!!!!

I am pleased to announce that Darby and I are expecting a baby a week! I am technically due on Sunday (Sep. 21), but the doctors think baby Cameron is WAY too comfortable in his current house (me), and they will have to "intervene" mid next week. FUN, right? Actually, I am so uncomfortable that any "intervention" is probably a good thing, though I do wish nature had just taken its natural course. In order to keep my excitement going, I took a bunch of pictures of the nursery and one very special picture of Cameron's big sister...Kearney Boo...all ready stealing his toys!!! Enjoy the pictures! (and yes, I know nothing but the baby can go in the crib for safety...)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Childhood Memories

Today I thought I would share my favorite childhood nursery rhyme / bedtime story with you all. My mom used to read this to me when I was young and I found it so magical and mystical. I used to want to join the trio and see the sights! Interestingly enough, Darby and I both loved this story and at an auction we found a vintage cut-out wall hanging (which I have pictured here) of the 3 protagonists of the story:

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod (by Eugene Field; 1850-1895)

"Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night sailed off in a wooden shoe - sailed on a river of crystal light, into a sea of dew. 'Where are you going, and what do you wish?' the old moon asked the three. 'We have come to fish for the herring fish that live in this beautiful sea; Nets of silver and gold have we!' Said Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
The old moon laughed and sang a song, as they rocked in the silver shoe, and the wind that sped them all night long ruffled the waves of dew. The little stars were the herring fish that lived in that beautiful sea - 'Now cast your nets wherever you wish - Never afeard are we'; so cried the stars to the fisherman three: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
All night long their nets they threw to the stars in the twinkling foam - Then down from the skies came the wooden shoe, bringing the fishermen home; 'Twas all so pretty a sail it seemed as if it could not be, and some folks thought 'twas a dream they'd dreamed of sailing that beautiful sea - But I shall name you the fishermen three: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.
Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes, and Nod is a little head, and the wooden shoe that sailed the skies is the wee one's trundle-bed. So shut your eyes while mother sings of wonderful sights that be, and you shall see the beautiful things as you rock in the misty sea, where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod".

Monday, September 8, 2008

Corners with Windows

In a recent conversation with someone dear to my heart (who shall remain anonymous), a comment was made that got my creative juices flowing. The comment was said in the context of facing life decisions when you feel you are between the proverbial "rock and a hard place" and feeling backed into a corner. The exact comment was: "At least my corner has a window." I found this very profound. In my own life, I have always seen myself as someone who can be backed into a corner but for so long before I come out with claws unleashed. My claws aren't all THAT impressive mind you, but I tend to come out kicking and swiping…really, like a cornered cat would do. I bite first and ask questions later. And yes, I usually regret the bite. At the same time, I have a fairly high tolerance for corners, having found myself in them frequently. But I never thought to find a window in my corner. I suppose you could take that a step further and wonder whether I am more of a pessimist or an optimist. I consider myself a situationalist. But how wonderful would it be if everyone could find a window? What lies out the window? A different perspective on your corner? Maybe if you opened the window some light would seep into your corner and change your outlook. Maybe you would see a new tree or flower and find a completely different resolution. And maybe a corner can be a good thing. Good decisions are never made lightly, and usually, they are not easy to make. You must weigh different outcomes and options without really knowing how things may unfold. Rather like playing a game of master chess when there is truly no board and your opponent keeps changing boards. For the majority of my life, I tried to think things through in advance. What might happen, likely outcomes, etc, etc….until you just want to bang your head against a wall (been there, tried that and it hurts. Not recommended). Then for several years I lived by the principal of "Day by Day." During my day by day phase, I met the most wonderful man on earth, blossomed into a much more interesting person myself and actually relaxed for the first time in 30 years. Literally. Somehow I have since reverted back to overthinking, overplanning and overconsidering. Once again I find myself tense and unhappy a lot. So my advice to this anonymous someone is to remember the day by day. I think you will be much happier. The future will take care of itself; it always does. The sun is still going to rise tomorrow and the media will still be boring us to death with details of the election. Decisions such as the ones we face when we are in our corners are best made by looking out a window. Thank you for the insight, oh anonymous one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beautiful Butterflies!

Soon after my parents bought their "FINALLY!" beach house located in Pine Knoll Shores, NC (between Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle), we were all gathered over a Labor Day weekend and noticed yellow butterfly after yellow butterfly after yellow butterfly...constantly streaming by on a Northeast course. Sometimes there would be groups of 2 or 3; sometimes dozens at a time. Looking for the yellow butterflies became a group event each subsequent year; if someone wasn't present that year, they would inevitably either get a phone call saying "The butterflies are flying by!" or they would call and ask as to the butterfly status. Over this past Labor Day weekend, my Dad went down to the beach and sure enough, I got a phone call the afternoon he arrived letting me know the butterflies were strutting their stuff. Unfortunately, Darby and I were not able to join my Dad this year. In lieu of seeing the real thing, I decided to write about butterflies and show some pictures of my favorite ones! I remember being a little girl and eagerly awaiting the first signs of Spring. We lived in High Point, NC and had a huge yard that had been filled to the brim by the previous owner (who travelled extensively) with bulbs, bushes, plants and trees from all over the world. Needless to say, it was quite a yard and my parents used to love watching me run all over the place exclaiming every time I found a new bulb that had peeked its head out for the first time that year. With this bounty of beauty came the butterflies. Lots of pretty little things lazily drifting through the yard. I used to try to get one to alight on my arm or hand. No such luck! I suppose I have always found butterflies beautiful, so it seems fitting that I have several collectible ones now! The first photo is of a bohemian glass beaded bag (circa 1920) with 3 butterflies on the front. Beaded beags are a favorite of mine, and those with scenes, animals or flowers are even more sought after. Think about the time it took to make this bag. Astounding. There are thousands of beads on a beaded bag. Wow. Talk about patience and talent. The second picture shows several brightly colored enamel on sterling butterfly pins. Most are from Norway and again, are considered highly collectible in good condition. At least one of these is by the famous and extremely valued designer David Andersen! I happen to have an affinity for enamel ware (jewelry, open salts, etc...) from Norway and Denmark, so the butterflies are a natural extension. The picture at the top of this post reveals a quite simple little butterfly, and it is fitting that he is yellow and once belonged to my mother. He pins onto your sweater and sits, perched lightly on your shoulder. Couple that with some butterfly lore brought to us from the Unsolved Mysteries site: many ancient civilizations believed that butterflies represented the human soul; the Chinese and Japanese both use butterflies as a symbol of joy; Native American Indian legends told that butterflies would carry wishes to the great spirit in heaven to be granted, while the Aztecs believed butterflies represented the happy dead visiting their relatives to assure them all was well, and you have to wonder...what do butterflies mean to YOU?