Friday, September 19, 2008

Soon to Arrive.....!!!!!

I am pleased to announce that Darby and I are expecting a baby a week! I am technically due on Sunday (Sep. 21), but the doctors think baby Cameron is WAY too comfortable in his current house (me), and they will have to "intervene" mid next week. FUN, right? Actually, I am so uncomfortable that any "intervention" is probably a good thing, though I do wish nature had just taken its natural course. In order to keep my excitement going, I took a bunch of pictures of the nursery and one very special picture of Cameron's big sister...Kearney Boo...all ready stealing his toys!!! Enjoy the pictures! (and yes, I know nothing but the baby can go in the crib for safety...)

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Deborah said...

Hi! Cameron must surely be here by now! Hope everyone is well and adjusting. I just came across your blog while visiting Jenny's Red Bulletin Board. I just saw Jenny this morning at SuzAnnna's. I live in Raleigh, also!

Come for a visit when you get back to blogging!