Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Update!

Darby, Laura and Cameron; Mother's Day Weekend 2010

In reviewing my recent entries, I realize I have been remiss in posting about my little family! Cameron is almost 20 months old (!!!!) and is incredibly active. He is into everything!

Cameron running - Easter Sunday 2010

It is so neat to watch him try to figure something out...being able to observe the learning process in a child, especially your own, is incredible. Sometimes I think I can actually see little wheels turning in his head! He loves to "help Mama" - he has begun throwing things in the garbage can and trying to clean the floor with a paper towel.

Cameron - Mother's Day Weekend 2010

The caregivers at the church where he attends a 4-hour "Mother's Morning Out" (which is a polite, southern way of saying..."MAMA NEEDS A BREAK - and a coffee - and a manicure - and a massage - and 4 hours of uninterrupted shopping - and a margarita - oh, wait it's too early in the day...just kidding...) twice a week recently told me that Cameron knows what "lovie" (a child's favorite blanket or toy) belongs to each of the other children and if they put it down, he will pick it up and take it to the owner. (how sweet is that!)

Darby and Cameron - Mother's Day Weekend 2010

When I arrived to pick him up the other day (without having had a margarita...) I watched as he ran to greet me, then stop suddenly and go put the toy truck he had been playing with back on the shelf!!! Excuse me was that my child? I am not sure where this "neatness" factor is coming from because it was NOT inherited from yours truly. He is such a joy! Darby and I are doing very well...loving being parents and contemplating #2. The operative word there is "contemplating." :)

Darby and Laura - Mother's Day Weekend 2010 - "Contemplation" (haha)

As for me, well.......I have lost 92 pounds since the day Cameron was born. My goal is another 8 pounds for a grand total of 100 pounds. Wow that's a lot of weight. 100 freaking pounds! That's a whole person! My orthopaedic told me that every pound adds 5 pounds of pressure on your back. No wonder my back got so out of whack! Every day as I toil on my 4.5 mile power walk while pushing Cameron in his jogger - I keep seeing myself being able to say "I lost 100 pounds!" - and then People magazine hears about me, calls me up, and asks to do a feature story on me. won't happen - but it is motivation and keeps me trudging over the next hill! I am currently massively plateaued - but trying to hang in there. Will post "before" and "after" photos when I get to my goal. Hope everyone is well!

Laura minus 92 pounds - for the record....April 2010