Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hand Painted Porcelain bliss. This is the feeling I get when I find a piece of hand painted porcelain jewelry. Around 1900, American women were enjoying painting on porcelain as a way to adorn themselves as well as their homes. Porcelain was no longer prohibitively expensive, and an exhibit in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition inspired many artisans to try their hand...literally! Not only were jewelry "blanks" extremely popular, these women decorated tableware and nic-nacs. I only collect the jewelry me, they are miniature works of art. I get particularly excited when I find a piece that has been signed by the artist; though most are unknown. I have been buying these pieces for several years, and their price just keeps going UP! My first few pieces were bought for less than $20; these days, I am lucky to run up on one for less than $75...for a small one! The larger ones with a good, interesting painting and minimal edge wear are usually over $100 each. Please note, I refuse to actually pay these prices, but it is good to know they are going up in value! I have posted a few pictures of several pieces from my collection, including my only portrait. Isn't she beautiful? You have to wonder if this was a self portrait? Another favorite theme is violets and pansies.
And my absolute favorites are the landscape scenics!
Enjoy the pics and by all means...let me know if you see any of these!

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