Monday, April 5, 2010

The Lady Finds a Book!

Over the years, many people have remarked on the name of my business, "The Lady and the Librarian." Most people remember the name, which is good, and I am often asked for an explanation of its origin. I refer to myself as "The Lady," specializing in vintage jewelry and other ladies' accessories, and Darby is "The Librarian," the specialist in books - and an actual librarian to boot! So this past weekend's find was a tad bit unusual for me. I was happily digging thru a box of stuff at a local flea market and came across a rather worn-out looking book with a rather intriguing title - "Star People." What in the world? Curious, I pulled it out and opened the page to the introductory poem....
"To Three Little Katharines"
Oh, Katharines three,
Come sail with me
Where the ship of my Fancy flies!
We'll wander free
Over land and sea,
Then sail away to the skies.
If I were a star,
So far - so far -
From this Earth where the children dwell,
My twinkliest beam
For that ship should gleam;
And my truest secret I'd tell
To the eyes that look
Through Fancy. - No book
Nor telescope serves so well."

Oh, me....oh MY. Something, well, grabbed me. I couldn't put the book down. I HAD TO HAVE THIS BOOK. Who were these "Star People?" What was their story? I felt glued to my spot in this person's booth. Like if I moved or put my treasure down, someone else might snatch it away. Gone was the jewelry dealer...I was suddenly a BOOK LOVER. Stand back! I ended up calling Darby over to negotiate the price for me as this particular copy isn't in the best condition. I turned some more pages and found some of the most amazing illustrations that I will share with you all throughout the next several posts. This most magnificent book, written by Katharine Fay Dewey, was published in 1910 so it is out of copyright - hence I am able to show you these wonderful illustrations as well as share some of the accompanying text. Today, I have featured the front cover and the first 2 illustrations in the book. Take a moment and look at the detail.

Just amazing! I look forward to sharing more beauty from "Star People" with you. Interestingly enough, this book will be 100 years old in October of this year. So Happy early 100th Birthday, "Star People!"
**Stay tuned for the next excerpt from "Star People" in the next few days.**


electevey said...

You could dress up the Mug as a start for Halloween this year, to celebrate the book's 100th anniversary :)

Julie said...

Ooooh! I love that poem...I can understand why you didn't want to break the spell by moving from that spot.

Fete et Fleur said...

I love how your story about this book is unfolding. The title is certainly intriguing and the illustrations are gorgeous.


meleen said...


i can see why this book jumped out at is a jewel!!!!