Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vintage Hat Fabulousness

The blue feather....sounds like a bar....
WARNING: Not intended for viewers who don't like to me. *GRIN*
I specialize in vintage jewelry. Seriously. But I cannot help myself when it comes to vintage hats. Some of them are SO over the top you just have to put them on your head - and then pose with a silly grin. People tell me all the time that I am too serious - well, NOT IN THIS POST! Yes, I did "strike a pose", try on some amazing vintage hats, and really - when I look back at these photos I must say I see a twinkle in my eyes. I HAD FUN. Enjoy!
Who knew wedding cakes looked good on your head?

Beehives re-interpreted.

Sometimes words just fail me.

Baby blue ostrich feathers and curly q's - really liked this one!

With this thought, I close....

"Few women have ever been able to resist the temptation to try on a hat and discover in the mirror a person they never suspected was there." - Unknown


Mitzi Curi said...

The blue ostrich feather hat suits you the best, and your expression shows that it feels just right. I wonder if anyone was ever able to pull off wearing that blue beehive....

Takoma Volpe said...

Laura, You are hilarious! LOVE LOVE LOVE the hats! How much fun you must have been having! Hey I think we'll be in Raleigh for Easter, are you going to be there?

:) Laura