Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a marvelous Holiday season. Marvelous. I like that word. I think I'll start using it more often....cause that would just be...marvelous. Dahling.  We had a bit of a non-Christmassy-feeling Christmas. We hard to create that Christmas spirit; you know, the magical, joyous feeling you used to get before you had to grow up. I decorated our house by the 1st of December. 5 indoor trees and 2 lit pieces outside. Got out the Christmas tree cookie jar. Put my little Anna Lee Christmas mouse in my kitchen. Our son, Cameron, was totally stoked about Christmas this year...he would have been excited if the only tree used was the multi-colored lights little tree that went into his playroom.

He gets it this year...Santa Claus, the manger and baby Jesus were recurring conversations in our home. I smiled, and laughed and participated, but felt empty inside. How is Christmas magical when it boils down to conversations with relatives over the "spending limit" for each other? You may as well write each other a check for the same amount and call it even. ??? I just don't get it. I think I'd rather live in a little cottage, out in the woods (where we might have a chance of snow....), have a couple of big, happy dogs, a warm crackling fire and a truly old-fashioned (and perhaps, a little fairy-tale-ish, but hey...) Christmas. I want that sparkly Christmas feeling again. Sorry this is a down post, but it was a down Christmas. I WILL say that Cameron was thrilled with his gifts this year...he is really into Disney's "Cars" and their characters. he specifically wanted "Lightning McQueen Folks" and the super duper "Spy Plane." Glad Santa tracked us down and delivered those special items!

I did make a few New Year's Resolutions: 1) take better care of ME. 2) Have another Baby. (HELLO!) 3) Continue transforming my house into a HOME. There is a difference. 4) Read more. 5) Drink more water - which really means drink no more diet drinks. 6) Grow my business in 2012. 7) RELAX.

So "CHEERS" to all yall out there....stay happy!

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Stacey said...

Dear Laura- At least you tried. I didn't even get up a tree this year. No wreath. Just a vintage Precious Moments manger scene in Gwyneth's room. But next year will be different I declare! I will decorate before Thanksgiving(I just won't light the tree until after we've eaten some turkey).
And on a completely different note, your house looked completely FAB! I loved the way you displayed all of your collections... Truly breath taking and inspirational. You have really been working hard...