Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!

What a great Halloween 2008! Darby and I bought Cameron's Halloween outfits before he was born. We were so excited about his "chicken suit", but alas, just attempting to get him into it was causing meltdowns so we stuck with the ghost gown. He was so cute!!! Darby had some devil horns but no outfit so I ran to Target Friday and found a devil gown on sale...woohoo for 30% off! I, as always, donned my kitty cat ears with the feather accents and put together a cat ensemble. Interesting I dress as a cat every year cause cats and I do not usually "mesh well" together.

Kearney Boo dressed as a witch this year; rather appropros unfortunately. She is not overly fond of Cameron. She isn't aggressive (thank goodness), but she is depressed and standoffish. Hopefully she will adjust soon. We stopped by my Dad's house so he could see his grandson on his 1st Halloween and took some good pictures. Kearney stayed with Dad so they could welcome all the neighborhood trick-or-treaters while Darby, Cameron and I headed to our friends Ben and Stacey's house for a party.

What a fun party...Ben dressed as the now famous "Joe the Plumber" and Stacey dressed as a bunny. Ben had a fabulous dry ice thing going...look at the cauldron!

The food was great and we met some fun people and saw some existing friends. Look at this photo: 3 antique dealers all dressed up!

Cameron's first Halloween party proved to be very exciting for him...first he had a diaper malfunction and we had to dry his ghost outfit in the dryer (which was very fancy and apparently requires 5 college degrees to use...though once Ben told me "turn it on" it worked much better), then he met another baby dressed as Tinkerbell, then he met lots of people who thought he was so very cute and then he passed out on Daddy's shoulder.

Thank you Stacey and Ben for a wonderful evening! My big plan for the week is to attempt 2 posts; these will be vintagey and will have good info and pics so stay tuned! Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Welcome November!!!!


Jenny S said...

Too fun! Glad you guys had a good time!

Fete et Fleur said...

It looks like you had a marvelous time! You look adorable as does everyone else.


Stacey said...

Finally read the post:) So funny! Yes, turning on an appliance usually does help it to work (although in our business not always!)...
I had so much fun last night. Shelley's house is lovely and the guests were so interesting... Also, the food was outstanding! Great party:)

Takoma Volpe said...

Too cute, Laura! Looks like y'all had a grea time!