Friday, January 9, 2009

Outdoor Fun

A few days ago, we experienced some wonderful weather. The temperature was on the cooler side, and it was partly sunny. Every now and then some dark clouds would threaten and the wind would kick up, and, you guessed it, I got inspired. So rather than attempt to write poetry, I grabbed my camera, Cameron and the bumbo baby sitter and headed outside for some shots.
Cameron recently began mastering the art of grasping objects,
and this weather-worn brown leaf presented a fine opportunity for him to begin to experience mother nature.
I caught one of him stretching and it makes me think: wouldn't we all be a bit better off if we just sat in our front yards and in a big blue foam chair and stretched? ( that presents quite a mental picture, but theory....). I really love this close up...what blue eyes! No clue where they came from!!
Hope you all are having a wonderful January thus far.....


Jenny S said...

Such a cutie!! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

My little nephew is so adorable! I can't wait for him to play with his cousin! He is so cute! I will miss seeing him this week!
Love Aunt Vee

susie said...

These are the most precious pictures! He is just wonderful! And soooo handsome! Susie Foster

Takoma Volpe said...

What a cutie! And such a man already. You had me LOL thinking about everyone outside in their front yards stretching in big blue bumbo chairs. Hee hee! Hope all is well! :) Laura

Anonymous said...

He is such an adorable baby! What a handsome doll! He is so peaceful & sweet too. Plus, as an added bonus, he actually sleeps through the night! (Darby told us) I told him it was as though you guys placed an order for a baby with all these excellent qualities and you got exactly what you ordered. He said you guys got even better than what you ordered. :-) I think so too. Cameron is a bundle of huggableness and cute perfection!

Mary Evans