Sunday, January 11, 2009

Going Hunting!

Well, not in the traditional sense...BUT! I am so excited! Darby's father lives in Florida and has not met Cameron yet. So we are headed out in the morning to make the journey. The dates of our trip just so happen to coincide with Renningers Antique Market. And Darby's dad just so happens to live within an hour of where this antique event is to be held. Wow...we get to see his father AND spend 2 days at what is supposed to be a FABULOUS event! Hopefully many treasures will be found...we also plan to "pick" our way down to here we come South Carolina and Georgia! WOOHOO! I will update when we return! Have a fabulous week!

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Jenny S said...

Thank you for mom's birthday comments!! Wish mom and I could have gone with you!!