Friday, February 6, 2009

The Facebook Thing

Over the years, my little sister has made it a point to keep her geeky, older sister up to date with the latest in technology, music, etc...She was the one who dragged me to the mall to get a cell phone. She was the one who told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to have my "bushy" eyebrows waxed. She was the one who was overjoyed when I bought Ralph Lauren sunglasses and got rid of my Target glasses. (I promptly lost them and am back to Target sunglasses).

She started bugging me about a year ago to join Facebook. I refused. To me, it was just another way to throw personal information out on the internet and I really didn't see the point. Then she told me about something called your "Top 10 Friends List" and my refusal was solidified. Excuse me? We are over 12 years of age and still have a "Top 10 Friends" list? Why not just regress further and say My Best Friend, My 2nd Best Friend, My 3rd Best Friend and so on?

Fast forward to about 3.5 months post partum. I am home alone with the baby. My conversations consist of me giving Cameron a running narrative of what I am doing. "Mommy is fixing your baba (bottle)", "Mommy is going to change your diapee (diaper)", "Can you play in your crib so Mommy can take a shower?" and so on and so forth. My reward is usually a beautiful smile from Cameron or some happy babble, but secretly I YEARNED to talk to an adult and be reassured that there was life outside my den. That I could still hold an intelligent conversation. That I was, in some way, interacting with people. So I set up an account on Facebook. I caved. I caved BIG TIME. Within 24 hours I had over 25 friends. WHAT!?!?!?!?! Soon I was updating my status and commenting on other people's status'. I was addicted. They call the type of phone I have (a Blackberry) a "Crackberry" and with good reason. I recently saw someone refer to "Facebook" as "Crackbook" and I must agree. It has been so nice to find all my old friends. I recently began finding my Tri Delta Sorority sisters from Georgia! I even learned what a "Dorota" is. (can you tell I don't watch much TV?) How fun to catch up on everyone's lives thru their photos and posts. While the conversation is limited, I no longer feel quite so isolated. And hey, I even updated my status while I was in the drive thru at Chick Fil A (via my Crackberry of course) with the comment that I was obsessed with Chick Fil A sauce and got several comments and messages about it. (if you have not tried their new sauce I highly recommend you do). So, I now "get" Facebook. My baby sister would be impressed. And no, I do not and will not have a "Top 10 Friends" list. To regress and quote my 12 year old self on having such a list: "WHATEVER!"


Jenny S said...

Yeah!! Crackbook can be dangerous!!! Thanks for the comments and I would love to help, but ifyou saw the rest of my house you would know why I only showed a drawer!! hehehe!!

Stacey said...

Fun stuff- But, what is a Dorota? Am I totally unhip for not knowing?

Anonymous said...

As you know, I finally joined the club. I was originally determined not to join myspace a few years ago because I didn't get why anyone would need a page like that when one could have their own web page, and the pages would always look so messed up and have the typical photos of girls acting drunk or guys flipping off the camera etc. But, then a friend & I joined one night as a joke and created profiles with dumb things on them just to make each other laugh. And then a few of our friends from high school found him since he used his real name, so they then found me (who was on there with a goofy made-up name & silly photos of dolls). And then we ended up joking around & having a blast & then the fun spread to more friends & fun, etc.

When facebook started becoming popular, I thought "No way! I'm not doing it! For real this time! Why would I need TWO pages? Can't we all just email each other like the old days? What's the point of facebook? Just to show off photos?"

But then, one by one, people I knew kept saying "Are you on facebook?" and I began to get more intrigued by why everyone had gone on over to the facebook club. Even my husband (who would never dare join myspace) joined it since a few of his old friends did, although he has never put any time into it. I was highly considering joining & then you, Darby, Stacey, Ben & Alan all said you were on it. Just after I heard that, another friend emailed me and asked if I was going to join facebook. It was a sign from all of you! ;-)

So, late that night I decided to join. It's a bit of a different world than myspace so it has taken a bit of time to learn my way around & figure out what some of the stuff is for, but I have to say... I likey. :-)

I can definitely see why it can be addictive to people. I have forced myself not to play any games on there (YET) because I already spend enough time reconnecting with people. I decided I wanted to try to add people little by little so I can try to gradually get caught up with people (since myspace got overwhelming at times) but as you know, when you add one person, that person has connections that you also know, so you add them or they add you & it'll go on & on. :)

Facebook seems a lot more public to me than myspace. Practically everything you do gets posted on everyone else's page it seems. I have to get used to that. Like, the fact that EVERYBODY has to get an announcement showing what I said to someone about their photo.

You know what I said to Martin? I said, "We don't get to decorate our pages here on facebook like on myspace?" and that's when he knew that I had indeed gone over to the dark side & admitted to appreciating something about myspace that I used to mock, which was the way that people "decorated" their pages. Now on facebook that is the only thing I miss. I think that's what most people love about facebook though - it looks a lot cleaner. I really do appreciate that.

Overall, I can see why people are addicted to facebook & I could feel it coming on strong right away, which is why I even went as far as to give myself rules about it... the sign of a real facebook addict. :)

See you at facebook! ;-)


Anonymous said...

That was my loggest blog post ever. But, I had to add... LOVED that photo of you and your little Valentine, Cameron. Darling!!!

Happy Valentines Day to you, Darby, your baby Valentine & your fur-baby Valentine. :-)