Sunday, May 10, 2009

Royal Doulton Black Labrador

This beautiful figurine is better known as "The Bumblikite of Mensergh". The black lab is one of the most beloved of all the dog species. Labs, in general are kind and loyal companions. And I would know...I had one for a wonderful 16 sweet baby Breezy dog. This particular Royal Doulton figurine is hard to find and highly sought after. The Bumblikite was designed by John Bromley and measures 5" tall by 7" long. His color is glossy camera gave a few of the pictures a brownish tint...there is NO BROWN in this lab! Just my camera acting up...or perhaps it was user error but it is so much easier to blame it on the camera! Like the Cocker Spaniel, the Black Lab is available locally at Antiques Emporium or online at Ruby Lane.

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Stacey said...

Hi Long Lost Friend!
I must email you soon - And by the way, the blog looks great. Love the dog series:)