Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All That Glitters and a Frog

I am busy photographing jewelry - which I must say isn't the easiest thing in the world. In fact, my Facebook update about an hour ago went something along the lines of: "Laura is about tired of photographing jewelry. Zoom in, zoom out; snap, snap. Repeat a gazillion times!" However, it is very important to me for my online clientele to be able to see the jewelry they are contemplating in great detail. So I try to make sure I take clear, up-close pictures. I want them to have the sense of having handled the piece themselves. And sometimes the photography is relaxing. Last week I sure had some fun...see my post entitled "On Wings of Fancy." Here are a few things I am currently working on...they are all for sale in our Ruby Lane store!
Pictured above is a precious little frog by Robert Mandle - his company was founded in New York in 1956. Next we have a simply stunning demi-parure by Weiss. The "Weiss" company was founded in 1942 by Albert Weiss and ceased operations in 1971. The company is well known for their use of high quality Austrian rhinestones. These stones are an icy blue coated in aurora borealis. Depending on the light, they shimmer from blue to grey. Totally fabulous.
The next brooch is by "Judy Lee" and features faux pearls and green and clear rhinestones. The Judy Lee mark was used from 1949-1980; the jewelry was marketed through home parties. This brooch is circa 1960.

This next picture features a necklace by the "Selini" / "Selro" company whose jewelry was designed and manufactured by Paul Selenger. This particular piece is known as the "Warrior / Devil / Asian" man necklace; is circa 1960 and is extremely sought after. I was mightly pleased to track it down.
The purple and red brooch is by "Kramer of New York" and is totally amazing with its special-effect colored stones. Kramer of New York was founded by Louis Kramer in 1943 and went out of business around 1980. They were well known for their use of specialty stones such as those seen in this piece. I would date this particular piece to the late 1950's.
This next brooch is signed "Swarovski" and combines a beautiful color assortment of pink, dark purple, light purple, green and clear crystals to make a flower.
And this last piece is by the renowned fashion house of "Christian Dior". It features black enamel and clear rhinestones. Totally classy and understated elegance; circa 1980's.


Jenny S said...

love the "star" shaped one! Very pretty collection to add to Ruby Lane!

Stacey said...

Looks like you've found some fabulous things! The Kramer pin is my favorite. And the frog is a cutie!

Hope said...

**drools** Makes me wish I actually wore jewelry :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pieces! My heart was most drawn to the blue Weiss set, but every piece you showed was beautiful. I've been a rhinestone girl since the 80's and I just can't seem to get sick and tired of them. You know how over time we tend to get bored with certain things we were once into? I had such a passion for vintage hats in high school, for example, but I don't have that full-on passion for them anymore (I still enjoy them though). However, I don't think I will ever get over being dazzled by rhinestones. I felt like a cat wanting to paw at the screen at that jewelry. Loved it!

(This is Mary again posting anonymously since I don't have my password)