Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fast Forward

As a child, we so often are heard saying "I can't wait to be 16!" Our big moment seems to be being able to step into a car and zoom away without our parents. Then, of course we say "I can't wait to be 18!" That brief moment in time when your entire life is ahead of you. Perhaps you packed your bags and went off to college. Or moved to a small apartment and got your first job. Regardless, at 18, you were, legally, an adult...BUT...yet...there was one more big one. Oh, yeah. Next, we cry "I can't wait to be 21!" Legally able to consume an alcoholic beverage. That seems to be a rite of passage for so many young people. Funny though. I don't recall saying "I can't wait to be 25!". I'm quite certain I never shouted "I can't wait to be 30!". And I sure as heck never said "I can't wait to be 35!". Which beings me up to today. (yes, for all you who are paying attention, I just announced my age. Ahem.) Have you ever looked around and wondered what happened to your life? Not in a bad or dissatisfied way, but more like a "Wait a minute...I just finished high school yesterday and all of a sudden I am 35 and the years are just flying by" kind of a way? It is a little disconcerting to say the least. I have a wonderful life...so many things to be
thankful for!
But I am a little down right now. Cameron turns 1 on Friday and while I am overjoyed, part of me is wondering where the time went? How did he get to be 1 so quickly? And if what my friends say is true, time is only going to seem to get faster. I don't like that. I want to put on the brakes. Slow it down. Stop and smell the roses. (bring on the Neil Diamond.) Maybe that's why I took 5 billion pictures this past year that I haven't put into an album - though I did buy some scrapbooking supplies so I could get started on said album. I guess that is life. But I would like to slow it down...a lot. I am spending the rest of the week gearing up for for Cameron's 1st Birthday. Darby and plan to take him to Liberty, NC for a big antique festival (assuming the rain holds out) on his actual birthday - Friday the 25th. What a birthday present! Just what every kid wants! We are having a small party at the house on Saturday - puppy dog theme - so that should be much fun! May you all have a good - and slow - week.
*Pictures taken in the Virginia mountains*


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, and beautiful blog entry, Laura! I have been saying that a lot lately myself - about putting the brakes on time. It seems like Stacey's Halloween party and even your baby shower were only yesterday. Both are crystal clear in my memory and yet one happened a year ago and the other almost a year ago already. Zoinks! Time goes by fast! Plus, I have recently realized that the amount of years that have passed since I graduated from high school is more than the number of years I had been alive when I graduated (36 - 17 = 19. Yikes!!) Why did that freak me out when I realized that? I think it's because our school years seemed like such an eternity. Every new school year was such a big deal and it seemed to never end. So, now it as if I have lived twice the length of what I used to think of as an eternity.
It's all how I choose to look at it though. I always feel best when I imagine myself as a centenarian reflecting back upon myself as a woman in her 30's. I would think, "I was so youthful then! Practically just a baby!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops this is Mary E. by the way. I had to post as anonymous because I have forgotten my password. I need to figure out where to go to have it sent to me.

Jenny S said...

Yup!! I remember everything about Kyle's birth and here he is in kindergarden already!! It is so quick!