Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween, Superman!

The Orcutt's - October 2009

This year, Halloween seemed to last for the entire month - which was fun! Cameron, Darby and I headed out one Saturday to the Vintage Village to visit our antique family: Tracy at the Little Shabby Shed, Suzie and Jenny at SuzAnna's Antiques, and Sam...with his fabulous pumpkin patch, mini haunted house, fall mums and gourds galore. We let Cameron choose his pumpkin - it was so cute - he chose a Cameron sized pumpkin!

Cameron with his small pumpkin.

Then, of course, he tried to eat a rock (!!!), so it was time to leave the ground and go experience Cameron's first haunted house!!!! OOOOoooooooo.....scary!

Darby and Cameron and a creepy ghoul!

Cameron was more intrigued than scared, which was good - we didn't want him to be afraid and we took some fun photos. Later that week Cameron went to another pumpkin patch; this time at the NC Farmer's Market to help his E-Paw pick out his pumpkin!

Cameron and E-Paw conferring on a pumpkin.

Then we all went and had a seafood lunch. Thanks E-Paw!
The week of Halloween, the Library where we go for story time had special Halloween story times that you had to register for, so we chose to go Thursday evening so Darby could participate. Darby's mother was in town and got to attend as well! Cameron was Superman this year, and he looked precious.
Cameron flies into the library!

His costume was actually a pajama set, except the blue pants were too long so we substituted red shorts. Cameron had a blast meeting the other kids that night, doing some trick-or-treating and meeting the Chick-Fil-A cow!
Cameron meets the Chick-Fil-A Cow! At least I think its the Chick-Fil-A cow....

He was so excited the entire evening, and -OH- by the way - he is walking! (he began walking right in the middle of his first Birthday party - 9/26/09).

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's....Cameron walking!

The next day, Friday, one of his buddies turned 1 so we went to celebrate with Collin...and the kids got to wear their costumes! Another Superman evening! Cameron had a blast and discovered a toy wheelbarrow. (hopefully, his interest in yard work will stick around so he can help us out...haha).

Cameron discovers Yard Work...HOORAY!

FINALLY, it was Oct. 31. All Hallow's Eve. We went to E-Paw's to trick-or-treat and take pictures with cousin Reese - cute ladybug!
Cameron and E-Paw

Reese, E-Paw and Cameron

Then, Mommy and Daddy had to scurry home to finalize preparations for their small get-together with friends! What a fun evening! Our friends Mary, Martin, Alan and Hope came over in costume: Mary as the Spiderwife, Martin as the carrot-top clown face hero shirt person, Alan as Spiderman and Hope as the Ace Reporter. I attempted to dress as Dorothy this year because my hair is SO long - thought I could mimic her hairdo and Kearney could be my Toto.

Kearney and Laura imitate Dorothy and Toto.

Not so much on the "look like Dorothy attempt" but I had fun trying. Darby was a devil and Cameron was...drumroll...Superman! Of course! I made a dirt cake and was so proud of it!

Worms, anyone?

Cameron entertained everyone by dancing to disco music, which got us all up dancing,

Ace Reporter, Spiderwife, Carrot-top Clown Face and Spiderman....can you guess which disco song was playing?

and finally little Cams had had enough and it was bedtime. We played a game called "Encore"; it is a singing game and had a great time. This crowd knows how to laugh! I think we have all decided to team up and go caroling in a few weeks. But not dressed up!

The Orcutt's - October 2009


Anonymous said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN ORCUTT's! Love the blog for October!
Aunt Vee

Jenny S said...

Sounds like you guys had so much fun!! Great pictures!

electevey said...

I can't get over the big smile on Kearny's face in that last photo!

Retropolis said...

So many CUTE CUTE photos, Laura!!! (Or, I should say, Dorothy :) CUTE Dorothy photo of you!)

You, Darby & Cameron make an adorable family!!!

I loved that photo of Cameron walking with his Superman cape behind him! Baby Superman & Baby Ladybug look so cute with E Paw! Where did the name E-Paw come from, by the way? I haven't heard that before for Grandpa, but it's cute!

What a fun October! Halloween with you guys was such a blast! That was non-stop fun!

By the way, Hi to Hope!!

Stacey said...

Just now getting around to reading fall posts! This weekend has been an attempt to catch up on all the past entries of friends. Looks like you guys had an awesome Halloween - And that Cameron got a lot of use out of his Spider Man suit. How exciting to know he is walking - Wow!
Looking forward to seeing you at the trunk show:)