Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Treasures

The Holiday Season is upon us! With the rain, I have had to go to the malls to walk this week and the holiday decor is up...including fabulous Santa villages! Can't wait to take Cameron for his first Santa visit. I wonder if he will cry? After an entire weekend spent antiquing: Friday night auction until midnight, Flea Market started back Saturday morning and it was SMOKING HOT for treasures...I haven't bought that much stuff out there in a very long time, and then another auction Saturday night till midnight again! Needless to say, I will be spending most of this coming weekend pricing new items for the booth and then re-arranging and sprucing it up. I purchased over 1000 books last weekend...a couple go back to the 1700's!! - and several from the 1800's. Obviously, I will be adding a lot of books. ANYWAY, thought I would share a few photos of items I am currently working with; either for the booth or on Ruby Lane.
Enjoy and have a wonderful day!
Finally decided to sell it out of my personal collection.

I liked this image because of the dog. :)

Roaring Tiger Pin by Erwin Pearl
Perfect for the Holidays! Desirable red with gold glitter
thermoset plastic bracelet. Yum!
White Gold, Amethyst and Diamonds. Don't you need
an elegant but flashy cocktail ring for parties?


Jenny S said...

Wow!!! Lucky lady! I think mom and I might head to the fair grounds on Sunday morning!!

electevey said...

Oh, pretties!

That ring is lovely! Somehow I doubt that it's anywhere near a price-range I can afford, or anywhere near my size. I like girly rings, but there's just not that many in the 9 - 10 range :)

Retropolis said...

Laura, That sounded like a blast!!! Today was my first big antiquing day in a long time, and I definitely got that "antiquing high" I hadn't had for quite some time. It's amazing that you & Darby don't have back pain from all those books. WOW!!! That must have been like Christmas going through all those!!!

Beautiful photos!!!!

Stacey said...

What a fun weekend! I haven't had that much excitement in months... Looking forward to going to the flea market this coming weekend - Hopefully they'll be some treasures left to uncover!