Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Ephemera for You!

It's almost Christmas! Joy to the World! Here Comes Santa Claus! Jingle Bells!
I love the Christmas season! Many people have a set image of their Christmas: maybe you prefer colored lights on your tree and bright, multi-color ornaments. Or maybe you like white lights and loads of tinsel. Or maybe your ornament collection represents travels or important events in your life like "Our First Christmas" or "Baby's First Christmas."
I have both of those on my tree! My Mother was a Christmas fanatic. Truthfully, I haven't had as much Christmas spirit since she passed away, but Darby and I are working on some new traditions and I feel happier this Christmas!
I have so much Christmas stuff (and still buying), that my tree looks different every year. This year I chose white lights and used only ornaments that were silver, gold, white and / or glittery or crystal. I threw in a few colorful ornamets that are covered in glitter for some punch and of course, included the little handmade Angel that Darby made when he was a child. (awwwe). I am very pleased with how the tree looks this year and plan to post an image soon! For now, here is some ephemera for those of you that collect images and / or craft. Please credit my blog if you use these images on your blog or on shutterfly, etc...thanks in advance. Enjoy!

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Jenny S said...

Thanks for the comments!! I love your Rudolph card!! Too cute! Hope you have a GREAT Christmas!!