Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist

During this Holy season, it only seems appropriate to do an entry featuring a religious piece of vintage jewelry. I absolutely adore this locket / pendant. It is so beautiful and has such a beautiful theme. This petite circular pendant pictures Mary, Jesus, and John the Baptist on the front in relief; meaning they are not flat. With metalwork this is sometimes called repousse - if this were in stone or shell it would be called a cameo. It is marked "RR Sterling"; unfortunately, this maker's mark has me stumped. I see a lot of religious jewelry pieces deaturing Jesus and Mary; but not so many with the addition of John. John the Baptist is referred to in one of the Gospels as Jesus' cousin. John preached faithfulness and honesty in one's duties, and the humble confession of one's sins. John baptized his listeners in the Jordan; this became such a large part of his ministry that he was given the surname "the Baptist." John even baptized Jesus. I suppose that's a little background on Baptism, though it wasn't meant to be! Hope you are having a wonderful and cheerful Christmas season! Incidentally, this piece will be on Ruby Lane shortly; condition is very good; expected patina (you can the difference in patina on the back where someone had a price sticker) and 1 tiny, tiny "ding" on the reverse.

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