Monday, February 22, 2010

Eisenberg Original & Vintage Costume Jewelry

New photos for you to drool least I hope you drool!

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Circa 1950's multi-colored rhinestone pendant necklace signed "Art" on the reverse. The "Art" company is AKA "Mode Art" and was in business from 1950 - 1980 and owned by Arthur Pepper. Best known for their whimsical designs, they also produced beautiful pieces of rhinestone jewels as well.

Though unsigned, this pendant necklace is very much in the style of jewelry from Czechoslovakia. Note the large central glass stone with small rhinestone accents. The soft pewter-tone surrounding metal is not only detailed on the front but has a hammered appearance on the reverse - a clue to it being well-made.

This bling-bling rhinestone leaf is also unsigned but truly, no signature is needed. The huge central rhinestone and tons of surrounding rhinestones make enough of a statement! This is a gorgeous piece!

Ahhh...the creme de la creme. An Eisenberg Original fur clip. It doesn't get any better, any more collectible, more sought after or more RARE than this. Every serious collection should have one. Eisenberg began production in 1935 and is still in business today. Like many jewelry companies, Eisenberg has used several signatures or marks on the back of their jewelry. The "Eisenberg Original" mark is the earliest mark found on jewelry items; other marks were found on paper tags or on clothing. This mark dates this piece to being made between 1935 and 1945. A true testament to quality and an icon in the jewelry business, Eisenberg is well known amongst collectors for their use of top of the line materials and that has rendered their vintage items extremely sought after today because their jewelry retains its beauty. Their designs are timeless - as easily worn today as when they were manufactured. Pure graace and beauty. *Sigh*.

All of the preceding items are available for purchase via Ruby Lane.

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meleen said...


you find the best pieces!!! i'm going to have to check the backs of the ones i have....i'll let you know if i have a treasure!!


Takoma Volpe said...

drooling, drooling. Those are absolutely GEORGEOUS!!!

Mitzi Curi said...

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge about vintage jewelry. I learned a lot just in this post. Now that estate sale and garage sale season is here, I'm going to be looking for treasures and it helps to be educated!