Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Want to Know a Secret?

Ahhh....can you keep a secret? I guess the point is rather moot since this is a public venue! I have always wanted to write a book. I began reading for pleasure at a young age. I had insomnia for a few years as a child, and I had 2 books I read over and over and over. They were called 'Charlie Brown's Book of Questions and Answers." I had 2 volumes, one on plants and animals and another on planets and space if I recall correctly. I LOVED these books. I used to be able to surprise adults with my random knowledge of scientific things (not so much anymore, but I can say remember when....). Another favorite night time read was my "Childcraft Encyclopedia" set. The volume on space and planets is worn out...did I mention another secret? I wanted to be an astronaut! Ummm....no clue how I got that particular career path stuck in my head but it is probably a VERY good thing I did not end up blasting off as I am horribly afraid to even fly in an airplane. I have flown...many times....but air travel seems rather like playing Russian Roulette these days so I daresay I choose to abstain. Anyway, back to my original secret of wanting to write a book - I remember I used to keep a 3-ring binder with the names of every novel I read and a brief note about the book. I don't remember why I thought this was so important, except I had decided to write romance novels similar to those by Harlequin and I suppose knowing exactly which books I had read would somehow aid in my own writing. I even bought some paperback book called "How to Write Romance Novels" or something along those lines. I think I took notes on that book like I was in class or something! I never did write my book. I have a terrible problem with taking my idea, getting it on paper and then being able to expand on it enough to fill a book. I could probably write my entire novel on 4 sheets of looseleaf paper. I suppose for people with short attention spans my books would be an instant hit! Alas, 4 sheets of looseleaf paper does not a novel make. But practicing my writing will help...there are excercises I can do to become better at expanding and developing an idea. I feel as though I should reveal one more secret, as 3 is a charm. Hmmmm....how about....I am STILL afraid of the dark and have to sleep with the lights on when Darby isn't home. Blame it all on the movie "Poltergeist", seen by an impressionable 8 year old on a dark and stormy night. Literally. *Sigh*. Oh - and I cannot stand clowns! ;)

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Anonymous said...

More things we have in common!
I wanted to be a writer too. In fact, I still have that desire. I used to start writing so many books as a kid and as a teenager, but could never get very far because I would want to start a new one. So, I have many spiral notebooks from my childhood and teen years filled with that stuff. I admire anyone that can stick with it long enough to finish it. It's the writing equivalent of hiking the Appalachian trail.

Airplanes - me too. I used to LOVE to fly and was fearless about it, but September 11th tainted that for me.

I enjoy your writing, by the way! If you ever write a book, I'd love to read it!!