Monday, July 26, 2010

Tweet, Tweet!

Kearney - July 2010

I have taken the plunge. Jumped off the proverbial cliff. Dived headfirst into...TWITTER. Yipes! I can't see myself tweeting that I am at the grocery buying lettuce. Or that the person in front of me can't drive. But I CAN see myself tweeting about vintage stuff. What's selling? What's hot? New finds! Sales in my shops! Trends in the current fashion world (that would be pearls, crystals and lace, in case you were wondering...). So come follow me on Twitter. I promise you won't hear about my grocery list. (bread, goldfish, cheese, string beans, an onion...blah...blah....blah....)

TWITTER ID: baublesbeads (clickable)


Retropolis said...

LOVE the picture!!! She looks so CUTE!!!
Makes me want to slide down a sliding board too!!
I'll be seeing you on Twitter as soon as I get around to signing up for a Retropolis Twitter account.
Your Twitter name is perfect!! Or, Twitter ID or whatever they call it at Twitter. ;-)

Mary @ Retropolis

Stacey said...

If I could figure out how to text on my phone I may have a chance to learn how to Twit. I'm so non-techy. But congrats on your own technical prowess:)

Mitzi Curi said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I haven't visited you in quite some are ahead of me on this Twitter thing....I've wanted to start Twittering but haven't had the motivation. Now I'm going to follow you for a while to see what it's all about!