Friday, August 8, 2008

A Favorite Barn

Recently, Darby and I took one of our impromptu trips to check out a new auction gallery located near Warrenton, NC. The photos in this post are of an old barn located on the highway between Raleigh and Warrenton. Warrenton is a small town about an hour and a half north of Raleigh. My mother grew up there and I spent many a happy summer day with my grandparents by the pool or on the golf course. One of my strongest and most poignant memories is of this beautiful, rustic and inspiring old barn we would pass every time we drove to Warrenton and then again on the way home. My mother Ginger adored this barn. She would slow down and gaze at it. Over the years I have watched it slowly deteriorate, but it seems to make it even more beautiful. I picture an artist or photographer perfectly capturing the light as it dapples the ivy vine hanging over the entrance or streams through one of the holes in the wood. When I drive by, I have to wonder if the owners know how much this barn has come to mean to my family? With my mother’s death several years ago, it means even more. No matter who is driving: me, my Dad, my sister or my husband, when we pass the barn someone says “There’s Ginger’s barn.” And the wonder of the barn continues.
Look for a post in the next few days with the first glimpses of our treasured collection!!!

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Takoma Volpe said...

Aww, now you went and made me tear up. Love your blog and your writing is even better than it was in High School (I guess that is a duh comment, but still.)