Monday, December 15, 2008

Cameron's First Antique Trip!

We antiqued our way "North" on Thursday, Friday and then back home on Saturday. Cameron had the "smooth ride" thru all the malls and venues we visited...either pushed by a happy Daddy or by yours truly. Note he is asleep...I guess antiques aren't overly fascinating at 11 weeks! We had a delightful time and found many treasures! My haul includes several gorgeous cut glass necklaces from the 40's, bakelite buttons on their original cards, lots and lots of miscellaneous buttons (I am on a button kick right now...), a truly amazing pink crystal Crown Trifari brooch that I will just have to keep, porcelain figurines, and various and sundry other items. Darby scored several old books including a beautiful leather-bound edition, as well as a metal book rack from the early 20th Century. We even ran into Elvis himself Friday night at a downtown celebration and listened to him sing several Christmas songs. He even "thanked us...thanked us very much" before we left! We were a tad nervous about having Cameron, but he did great, and we now feel that our Florida trip is going to be "do-able." I snapped a few photos to share of some vignettes I found pleasing in different places, including a very silly one of me trying on a wonderful vintage hat with the greatest feather plume. I had to have it, even though orange isn't my favorite color...the feathers spoke to me. So, this funky little find is now awaiting tagging in my inventory.

At the end of our trip, Cameron (our greatest treasure ever) was oh so very happy to get back to Raleigh and try out his "Bumbo Baby Sitter" is pretty cool; a blue soft plastic foamy thing...he felt like a big boy sitting all by himself! (and isn't his Santa onesie CUTE?)


Jenny S said...

Hey! Where all did you guys go?? Looks like you had fun!!

Stacey said...

Oh my- What treasures you did find! Love the fancy vocab word "sundry" - I gotta work that into a post:)
I had a ball tonight; it was fun shopping at the Lady and the Librarian:)

Jenny S said...

You are funny! I'll be listening for the fire trucks!! hehehe