Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Most jewelry connoisseurs have at least seen the famous "Weiss" signature; and most will own at least one piece. After all, it only takes one time wearing one of their truly amazing rhinestone pieces and preening at the compliments you will receive to become a devotee. The "Weiss" company was founded in 1942 by Albert Weiss and ceased operations in 1971. The company is well known for their use of high quality Austrian rhinestones, ensuring the best flash and sparkle. I see a fair amount of of "Weiss" jewelry on the secondary market, but only a few pieces that I consider outstanding enough or in good enough condition to add to my collection. Don't get me wrong; most of what I pass up are fabulous jewelry designs, but I like dramatic and unusual pieces. For example, I would rather have a brooch with lots of different colored stones than a necklace made of clear rhinestones. I consider "Weiss" jewelry a must-have for any jewelry collection. The designs are elegant and can still be worn with today's fashions. The necklace and bracelet set pictured at the top is housed in my "favorites cabinet" (see my post from 8/12/08). I would love to find the matching earrings and brooch! The multi-colored square brooch pictured here looks GREAT on a turtleneck. The bracelet is an unusual color and the emerald green brooch with clear rhinestones has so much sparkle I couldn't NOT buy it. The red earrings with the inset clear rhinestones were manufactured in several different colors, as well as in a neutral base with mult-color rhinstones and are considered highly collectible. These are also extremely difficult to find with the stones in good condition. The green stone earrings also come in a variety of colors; in fact, I sold a pair of these in another color just last month in my Gresham Lake Antique Mall booth. The yellow flower pin was part of a series of flowers the company did and many collectors endeavor to collect all the different designs. (how fun would that be...and what a beautiful display it would make!) The blue and green pin is one of my absolutely POPS when worn. Incredible fire and flash! I call designs like this "snowflake pins" because of the shape. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far...stay warm and happy...and remember to add a big, sparkly rhinestone brooch to your turtle neck or coat lapel or purse...or hang it on a necklace like my friends over at SuzAnna's Antiques have started doing!


Jenny S said...

I loved the rhinestone pin you wore the night of the Christmas party!! Talk about sparkle!!

Jenny S said...

Consider yourself tagged then!! I would love to learn more about you!!

L. Daye Salander said...

Hi Laura -

I am doing some investigation you could say on a possible un-signed piece of Weiss. Is there somewhere that you know of that can provide me with construction details or possible a collection of old ads by Weiss? I can be reached at Thanks in advance!.